Meredith has such a strong understanding of skincare, realizing the needs of each individual client while emphasizing the importance that everyone is different and in need of their own unique treatment approach. Additionally, Meredith does an excellent job at intertwining the importance between skincare and overall health and wellness of the body, making her clients’ concerns feel heard. Appointments feel very relaxed and more personal unlike other traditional medical offices. At The Well, you will feel rejuvenated by the end of every appointment, becoming more self aware about what your body and—of course—skin needs.

Amber Wolfe

My skin was in dire straits when I came to Meredith at The Well. It was inflamed, broken out, my barrier was nonexistent. I was over-using P-50 and dermatologist-recommended retinoids that had stripped it of the good bacteria as well as the bad and left me red and dry. I was at my wit’s end and didn’t believe anything could help. Meredith was the game changer.

She explained to me what was going on and that we had to treat the inflammation and restore my barrier, and everything else would follow. I began seeing her weekly and then bi-weekly for DMK prozyme and enzyme masks. After around the fourth treatment, I began to notice a difference–my skin was no longer bright red when I got out of the shower, the clarity and texture was just…different.  She put me on a tailored homecare regimen of DMK products (beta gel, herb and mineral spray, seba-e oil, acu-moist and revise-a) in addition to the masks, and things just kept improving. I can safely say now that my skin is better than it has ever been (and we’ve now tweaked the regimen slightly to reflect the improvement). I no longer need to wear foundation.
I can’t recommend Meredith, or the DMK line, enough. In addition to her deep well of scientific knowledge, you really get the sense that she cares deeply about your skin’s journey and is as invested as you are in helping it reach its optimal state. I have truly never had a better, kinder, or more results-oriented experience in my life. She is the best!
Nicola Payne