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Gorgeous Results Promoting Whole Body Wellness

The Well is not just another Annapolis skincare and Reiki clinic that provides facial and whole body treatments. Our services are focused on specialized energy-based treatments. We offer advanced and integrative treatments that yield gorgeous results for your entire body. We achieve this by understanding your specific needs, be they traditional facials, whole body or specialized Reiki treatments. Whether you are looking to improve the elasticity, texture and appearance of the skin, stimulate collagen production and gain a more youthful appearance, we will help you look and feel your best. We offer individualized consultations to ensure you receive the treatments that work best for you, and your unique skincare and body goals.


Meredith Dales, licensed Master Esthetician and Sole Proprietor of The Well Skincare Studio in Annapolis, MD has a passion for enhancing overall health and vitality with a progressive and holistic approach to skincare.  The mission of her work is to encourage her clients to find genuine self-confidence through practicing healthy choices and nurturing self-expression.  The Well is “wellness-inspired beauty and beauty-inspired wellness.”  Meredith studied Esthiology Science at Aveda Institute D.C. and Advanced Esthetics at the Esthetic Institute in Vienna, VA.

DMK Skincare is at the core of The Well.  Meredith integrates traditional and advanced skincare therapies with innovative products of the highest standards in active ingredients and superior delivery systems, to achieve optimal results for all skin types and skin tones. Meredith encourages everyone to experience the skin’s own ability to restore itself and tap into the fountain of youth within the body. There are no ingredients more powerful than those our bodies naturally produce. Meredith helps each client tap into those ingredients and feel empowered to care for their own skin.

Wellness is a holistic concept, and when an imbalance occurs in an individual, there are a multitude of avenues in which we can inspire healing. Meredith has found a way to inspire healing through professional skincare, reiki, and a desire to be of service to others.

Well Skin for Life.

What Our Clients Say

Great Facial Experience

“I got a facial with Meredith in December and would definitely recommend, she is extremely knowledgeable and full of tips and tricks (she advised me to use antioxidant tea as a toner, and not only is it economical but it’s really helped even out my skin tone). The facial was relaxing but I also felt as though the gentle peel was really doing something, which is unusual because I typically find that facials tend to be one or the other. Overall it was a great experience, and I definitely want to see her again when I’m back in town.” – Nicola

Love The Facials

“I visit Meredith at The Well about every 6 weeks for a facial and I’m IN LOVE. Meredith is always welcoming and her space is always comforting and cozy. I have super sensitive skin and I’ve been nervous to try new products but Meredith knows exactly what to use and I’ve never had a complaint. Go see her for all your skin needs!!” – Kristin

Ready to Book a Service?

Our services range from traditional facials and advanced whole body treatments to energy and Reiki based treatments. We invite you to explore of menu of services, and contact us with any questions or to book a treatment.