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An Annapolis Facial Clinic Specializing in Reiki, Beauty & Wellness

Look Well. Feel Well. Be Well.

Beauty & Waxing

We offer a variety of brow and facial waxing services with the finest wax ingredients. We also offer lash lifts, brow tinting and lash tinting services. Lash conditioning is complimentary with eyelash lift services to ensure your lashes not only look great, but are healthy as well.

Body & Wellness

Advanced skincare and body treatments integrate superior, effective ingredients. Our full body skincare services will leave you feeling beautiful, relaxed and comfortable in your skin. We offer energy based body treatments such as Reiki to ensure optimum wellness and healing.

Facial Treatments

Our facials and facial services are designed to rejuvenate, heal and restore your skin from the inside out. We offer a variety of treatments, including face peels, traditional spa facials, cryo-facials, Reiki facials, and light therapy – all customized for your skincare goals.

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About Us

Our Skincare & Reiki Clinic of Annapolis

Welcome to the most sought-after Skincare and Reiki clinics in Annapolis. Our facial, skincare and Reiki-based beauty treatments enhance overall health and vitality with a progressive, holistic approach. Our treatments are designed with an in-depth understanding of the dynamic role well-being has upon an individual’s total health and self-confidence.  There are no ingredients more powerful than those naturally produced within our own bodies.  Our skincare and Reiki clinic of Annapolis integrates traditional and advanced skincare therapies with innovative products of the highest standards in active ingredients and superior delivery systems, to achieve optimal results for all skin types and skin tones.